Doverspike & Associates Inc. 

Doverspike & Associates Inc. is real estate appraisal, consulting and brokerage firm that has been in the Temecula Valley since 1989.  We provide a full range of appraisal and real estate services to individuals, corporate, government, institutional and professional clients.   
The company was formed to serve most of the population’s needs for quality real estate services.  Whether one requires services for a master-planned community, industrial or commercial developments or building(s), unique and special use properties, apartments or a single family residential or condominium dwelling, we are prepared to meet your needs anywhere in Riverside, San Bernardino, North San Diego or North Orange Counties.  We also provide eminent domain and condemnation services.   
Philosophy and Mission Statement
Appraisal & Consultation  
The philosophy of the company is to provide a quality product with thorough analysis in a prompt fashion at a reasonable fee.  I am a small company where I, Roger Doverspike MAI, is the primary appraiser who is involved in each project.   
I believe my appraisal product is of the highest quality and is attained through our thorough due diligence.  My due diligence includes detailed investigation, documentation and analyses.  I emphasize quality to provide accurate valuation opinions.   
I offer a variety of appraisal products to suit a client’s requirements.  They include Narrative Appraisal Reports, Evaluation or Consultation Letters, Appraisal Reviews, Market Studies, Rent Studies, Feasibility Studies and Tax Appeals.  I also provide expert legal testimony.   
The diversity of my appraisal services and my real estate background allows me to satisfy most any of your valuation and/or real estate needs, always striving to work within your budget and time constraints.  (If I can’t complete an assignment, I will find somebody who can.) 
Real Estate Brokerage  
I also provide real estate brokerage services primarily to my appraisal clients and referrals.  I act on behalf of both buyers and sellers.  I approach this area of business differently than most brokerages which leads to savings to my clients.  Since my primary means of earning a living is as a real estate appraiser, I believe I am a better negotiator.  If I have done appraisal work for you, who better to know the property and assist you in the sale or purchase of a property.  I offer services from assisting you to sell your own property to doing everything for you.  The more time you invest, the less my services cost you.   
My company is in the City of Temecula, California.  Temecula is centrally located for my clientele who typically engage me to complete appraisal assignments in Riverside, San Bernardino, or North San Diego or North Orange Counties.   
Roger Doverspike, MAI and Real Estate Broker oversees the operation of the entire company.  Independent contractors that work within our firm include the following:

  • Licensed General Appraiser and Real Estate Broker: Tisha Roripaugh

  • Appraisal Assistant: Jordan Doverspike

Technical and Data Resources
My office is fully computerized and automated using the latest technology for appraisal and real estate offices.  My data resources include:

  • Online multiple listing services, public records and demographics for Southern California

  • The national cost estimating firm of Marshall & Swift, the industry standard,

  • Various contract data sources

I also subscribe to various professional and local periodicals and journals.   

Fee Schedule
Real Estate Appraisals:

Fees start at $500 for a conforming residential tract home of 2,000 square feet and less on a standard tract lot of less than 10,000 square feet.  Please call my office for fees of other property sizes or types.   
 Real Estate Consultation:

Fees vary based on the requirements of the client.  Please call my office.   
 Real Estate Brokerage:

I typically represent my appraisal clients or referrals.  The fees vary depending on the services that the client requires.  Please call my office.